NaNoWriMo – Day 26

nanowrimo update

Yesterday (Sunday 26th) was a ridiculous day. I wrote 5,330 words.

Even typing that seems strange to me. How on earth did I manage that?

As I mentioned before, word sprints have been really helpful to my progress. This weekend however it went to a whole new level. On the recommendation of the ML from my region I started using Write or Die.

Close Up

This program made me write, and write and write. Suddenly I was writing 1000 words in around 25 minutes. Were they beautifully planned out sentences? Nope. Does that matter for a first draft and getting to the NaNoFinishLine? Nope again.

I adjusted the settings as required and then off I went.


After I had done this a few times I started exploring 4theWords (a NaNoWriMo sponsor).

It was helpful, but I found myself going to back to Write or Die to complete the challenges. It was nice to break things up though. I will probably use it again but I am not sure I would invest money in it.

Onwards. The finish line is in sight…

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