NaNo Next Steps

One thing I learned during NaNoWriMo last month was that writing about your writing can often be harder than actually writing your writing. Sometimes it is easier to communicate through the medium of GIF.

The same also applies when you have a head cold and your brain is working in a much more visual way than usual.

Last weekend I decided I was going to try and figure out what I had to work with now the dust had settled on my story. Here is what I found:

It became clear to me that I needed one of these:

Not that I was giving up on the story I just needed to stop feeling like this about it:

It wasn’t long before an outline came together and I was able to plant text from my NaNo draft into that outline.

That’s what first drafts are for, fixing those plot holes and those parts where you have just shoved something in and hoped for the best. My story has evolved so much already and who knows what it will end up looking like. I’m excited to find out!

REBLOGGED from a site I no longer maintain. 

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