Bookopoly 2018

I actually made a little squee noise when I discovered there was such as thing as Bookopoly. There are various iterations floating around the internet but seeing as discovered it on Broc’s Bookcase that is the one I will be sticking with.

As it is nearly the end of February, I am using books that I have completed in 2018 so far to make a start on the board. I’ve added little SOLD stamps to show which properties I have ‘bought.’ If I read another that meets the criteria I will add a little house, and then once there are four houses I will switch it to a hotel. If I get that far of course. I am far too excited about this!


Bookopoly Progress (1)

A some point I may start rolling dice to challenge myself further, but for now I am simply going to be guided by my TBR pile.



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She reads. She writes. She games. She watches too much TV. Oh and eats too much sugar. #Perfection

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