ACRC REVIEW: The Tuesday Night Club

s-l500This short story was read with a collection called ‘The Detectives’ although it was originally published in 1932 within a collection known as ‘The Thirteen Problems’

Goodreads Synopsis

The Home of Agatha Christie

Miss Marple is my favourite. There is something so wonderful about the unassuming way she just sits there knitting and then spoils all the other characters fun by figuring out whodunit without dropping a stitch! I didn’t realise until later that this was Miss Marple’s first appearance. I love how quintessentially British and upper class Miss Marple stories are. Somehow it makes a murder mystery less scary.

This story is a good as any, and a great beginning to ‘The Detectives’ collection. The first three stories are from the Tuesday Night Club. The club involves a group of friends telling mystery stories and then seeing if the others can work it out. Spoiler, Miss Marple does.

5 Stars
Likely to talk about it during reading. Might re-read as I enjoyed it so much.

Catch up on my Agatha Christie Reading Challenge progress here.

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