WWW Wednesday 28th February

WWW Wednesday is a weekly link up at Sam’s blog Taking On A World of Words. It challenges you to answer the three Ws of reading.


What I am currently reading:

Well this is annoying. I finished my current read earlier today!

I have however also been reading poems from ‘Please Hear What I’m Not Saying‘. The nature of the way I tackle poetry means this will be on my currently reading for a while but I won’t keep mentioning it week on week.

I cannot recommend this collection enough, especially as proceeds for your purchase goes to the charity Mind. It deserves much better than these images!

What I have just finished reading:

Today I finished ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ on my Kindle. It was distinctly meh. Some parts of it where magical, other parts where just, well, meh. It did however inspire me to start a new series ‘So Far So…‘ to chronicle my mini-mid-read-reviews.

What I will read next:

Next month’s #BritishBooksChallenge18 author and book of the month will be announced tomorrow so that may impact my next read.

I’m also addicted to reading on my Kindle so I may have to pick something else up for that.

Otherwise, I will start on ‘The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club‘ that I got for my birthday last month.

What about you? What are your answers to the Wednesday Whats?

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10 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday 28th February”

  1. Glad to see a poetry fan. I recently finished a poetry book (Questions for Ada), Im not a regular poetry reader, but I thought of stepping out of my comfort zone and I did like it. Glad to see you enjoying your current read. Happy reading.

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  2. I’ve not read poetry since school but the right verses can be so much more meaningful. I can see below you are/were reading The Subtle Knife by Pullman – is this worth a read?


    1. I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently (I have about another hour to listen to). I am enjoying it more than Northern Lights overall. It suffers a little bit with the whole ‘middle book’ problem of knowing that while you are reading it you won’t be getting any resolution as you still have a book to go. Not sure that answers your question. I would recommend reading His Dark Materials (the triology’s overall title) despite that though. It has some wonderful ideas in it.


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