Why I Left Camp Early – A Life Update

The first few days of Camp were great and I was really pleased with the progress I was making.

Then life did that thing where it gets in the way.

Over the past couple of years my partner Chris and I have been saving up to buy a house. Late last year we reached our goal when an unexpected lump sum of inheritance came our way.

We started looking in January once the Christmas madness was out the way. As Chris is on a fixed term employment contract we were told we had to wait a couple of months to see if it was renewed. Thankfully it was.

So we started the process again in March only to be told that we were still going to struggle to get a mortgage. I could go into more detail about how ridiculous this is considering our combined annual income and how much we have saved up but, I will spare you the rant that would ensue.

It became clear in late March that Shared Ownership (a part-rent, part-buy scheme) was the only way we were going to get onto the property ladder. We could have carried on renting but after 15 years of doing just that I want to be able to knock a hole in a wall! #LifeGoals

A week ago (so the end of the first week of camp) we discovered our perfect house. This meant that instead of spending my evenings writing I was spending them filling in forms. And making spreadsheets. And digging out paperwork.

Fingers crossed all of this comes together for us although, if it does it will mean I will miss the next round of camp as well – as we will be moving into new house! 🙂

Normal-ish service will now resume here until the point that my books start disappearing into boxes…

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