My Story Notes – Week Ending 29th April

Hello Story Lovers!

It’s Sunday which means it is time for the inaugural edition of ‘My Story Notes’. This is where I share mid-way reviews on my current reads with the hashtag #SoFarSo. 

Here is what I am currently reading, and here’s how it is going so far…


So Far So Agatha Christie-esque. 

Number of Reading Sessions: 4

Book Remaining: 85%

Quick Notes: It is quite a dense read but as a far of Agatha Christie that doesn’t put me off. Some may find the writing style dated or convoluted. I will be finishing it soon so I can get some resolution (and to get it off my Netgalley shelf).

Untitled designDivider.png38467638

So Far So unsure

Number of Reading Sessions: 1

Book Remaining: 98%

Quick Notes: Lots of description, perhaps too much? Too early to know for sure. 

Untitled design



It hasn’t been a particularly productive reading week as I am still mourning the end of ‘The Boy From Tomorrow’. I adored this story and will be sharing my review next week ready from it’s release date on 8th May.


Untitled design

Want to join in? Use the prompts above to write your own mini review of your #currentlyreading. Then share your mini reviews using the hashtag #SoFarSo and link your blog posts in the comments below.

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