And that was May

I am not sorry to see the back of May. Is that why I am posting this a day early? Maybe. Bottom line, May sucked.

I did not finish a single book this month. Not a single one.

Reading Progress

It was a few days ago that I realised how much of a negative impact my lack of reading was having on my mental health (or perhaps my lack of reading was a symptom?). Either way, I have been making a concerted effort to force myself to read each day. Even if it is just a chapter. I know that slowly but surely it will help to get my brain back on track and hopefully bring a little balance to my wobbly emotions!

I’m currently reading…

Murder Isn't Easy Cover
Amber Spyglass Cover

Challenge Progress

Honestly, it really isn’t worth talking about my reading challenges as there is nothing to update. 

If you would like to see which ones I am taking part in you can find more details here.

June Goals

  1. Read a little every day
  2. Take each day as it comes
  3. Remember that moving and staying mental healthy is pretty much impossible #BeKindToYourself

I’m linking up with Feed Your Fiction Addiction. Why not stop by to see wrap-ups from other book bloggers?

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She reads. She writes. She games. She watches too much TV. Oh and eats too much sugar. #Perfection

One thought on “And that was May”

  1. Don’t let the lack of reading get you down. It’s not good to stress about it. Read when you want to not because you have to. I hope you have a wonderful June and that you’re able to complete your goals! 🙂


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