So Far So… {Week Ending 30th September}

Hello Story Lovers! Welcome to my Sunday update post where I share mid-way reviews on my current reads with the hashtag #SoFarSo.

‘The Sword of Shannara’
by Terry Brooks

So far so… classic fantasy adventure 

Number of Pages Read: 269/664 (41%)

Quick Notes: This is the biggest book I have read in a long time and I seem to be making slow progress. This isn’t a reflection of the story (although it did take a little while to find its feet), but more the writing style. I tend to read pulpy quick reads that I am able to speed read. This isn’t possible when you are coming across sentences like this:

This isn’t an issue as much as an observation and something to keep in mind when tackling a new read (especially if you running out of time with your goodreads challenge). 

Want to join in? Use the prompts above to write your own mini review of what you are #currentlyreading. Then share your mini reviews using the hashtag #SoFarSo and link your blog posts in the comments below.

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