Whether it is reading or writing, I do it for the love of the story. 

What started life as a way for a former English teacher to keep her reading habits accountable has evolved into a space to share in the wonders of story telling.

Here you will find book (paper, e-, and audio) reviews, discussions about books, discussions about reading, and discussions about life’s important questions – like are you Team Gale or Team Peeta?

I’m kidding. That isn’t really a question. Katniss obviously belongs with Peeta (and yes I taught an entire module where, regardless of what the learning objective may have said, proving that was my goal).

For a time I read exclusively Young Adult fiction, as long as it was set in a dystopian world. After a while it all got a bit too vampire-y for my liking so I branched out (which was good for me).

I read almost exclusively before bed. Unless I am on holiday and then I will devour a book a day sometimes. Listening to books happens on long walks or long car journeys so that tends to be more sporadic. This makes me a slow reader by book blogging standards but I’m happy with how I much I do.

During 2016 and 2017 I got stuck in a binge-reading rut. In 2016 it was one Harry Potter book after another. In 2017 it was every Dresden Files available.

2018 is the year where I read more widely, and apparently take part in a lot of reading challenges.

If you love stories you are in the right place. I love reading your comments and sharing in your ideas so get in touch! 🙂

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10 Random (Non Reading Related) Facts About Me

1. I use the word awesome LOADS and no, as someone once asked me, I am not a teenager.

2. I am a sugar addict.

3. My feet roll inwards.

4. My baby toe sprays out really far when I walk.

5. I am a qualified English Teacher so I know how to write good. I won’t always write good here but I will write with personality.

6. I was a TV Box Set binger back before it became trendy to be one. I used to rent them from Blockbuster! NetFlix didn’t even existed back in 2007 (probably).

7. I like to say that I understand and respect other people’s opinions and beliefs but… if you didn’t cry at the start of ‘Up’ or didn’t like the newest ‘Star Wars’ films because it was “too samey” then you make no sense to me!

8. I’m obsessed with giraffes and I cannot explain to you why.

9. I won’t rewatch ‘Friends’ in case it isn’t as good as I remember.

10. I have watched ‘Community’ (S1-5) on a loop maybe 6 times? And no, that isn’t an exaggeration.