Highlights from ‘A Wrinkle In Time’

Here are my highlights from the story. That is to say, what I highlighted while I was reading. I’m not looking for any particular when I highlight, I just feel the need to do it sometimes as I am reading along and here I share those moments with you.

Highlights Page 1_LI.jpg

1. I love this sentence structure 🙂

2. This sounds magical!

3. Now this is a mouthful. I don’t mind the dodgy sentence structures here because it speaks to the alien situation the characters are in.

4. I adore the expression “old sport” and it makes me sad that you don’t hear it anymore. I imagine this line will have been updated for the movie 😉

Highlights Page 2_LI.jpg

5. I like this turning point here. Meg has deciding that she doesn’t need to turn to the boys for support. I don’t like the fact that she is following along behind them though. Be brave Meg! Walk out in front!

6. This is a good example of the science getting a bit too science-y for my liking.

7. Now there is a powerful image. Sometimes it is hard to think of the right word for how extreme the emotion is so the only way to describe it is “beyond”

8. This is a real pet peeve of mine with children’s literature. How did Meg manage to pull herself together that quickly? It is almost like the emotion wasn’t real before and she was fake crying or something. Granted this is a fantasy story and the highlight in question takes place while characters are on an alien planet but still, can we have some reality when it comes to human emotion please?

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Highlights from ‘Murder Most Unladylike’


Here are my highlights from the story. That is to say, what I highlighted while I was reading.


  1. There were many points in the story where Daisy was grating. I wondered why Hazel put up with the way she was spoken to (largely with condescension). Thankfully she did learn from her experiences and get have some emotional growth. Regardless, I’m still not entirely convinced that Hazel can’t do better.
  2. I often find myself wondering why we have different spellings of hello, even among us English. Does this imply an accent? A posh ‘ha-low’ perhaps?
  3. This speaks to number 1. The way Hazel blindly follows Daisy made me sad at times. Although, it is very true to the sort of situations children find them in!
  4. Agreed. Bourbons are the BEST!


  1. I wonder if Hazel recognises that Daisy is flirting with the detective? Hazel is so innocent!
  2. I can relate to this very strongly. My school taught me to be an ambassador and behave in a way becoming to that position.
  3. As a #NaNoWriMoWinner2017 this made me jump with glee! I wonder if Daniel and his magical foster family will feature in a British Books Challenge one day?

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