British Books Challenge 2018



Last year was the year of the Dresden Files. For 2018 I am on a mission to read more widely and not just binge-read my way through different series (as good as that is for my Goodreads Reading Challenge).

I was excited to stumble onto the British Books Challenge hosted this year by Chelle over at Tales of Yesterday. The idea is simple, you read a book a month by a British author. Unfortunately I discovered the challenge a bit late for January but I still have 10 days left as of writing this so who knows!

You can follow my progress in the challenge from this page by clicking on the different month buttons below. And remember to follow #BritishBooksChallenge18 on twitter for more updates.

  1. January – ‘Northern Lights
  2. February – ‘Murder Most Unladylike
  3. March – ‘The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club
  4. June – ‘Numbers

December Update:

Well it is clear that this challenge never really went away for me. It started off well but soon fizzled. It turns out that I wasn’t the only one that experienced this – even the host gave up on it part way through the year!