Shelf Organisation

While I know that this is never going to happen…

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…I do have high hopes for creating a library of my own one day soon.

It will be floor to ceiling and it will have a ladder (although the ladder may not slide around). We are buying a house in the next few months though and well, lets just say there is a Pinterest board dedicated to the library. It may only take up one wall initially – I digress, that wasn’t the the point of this post.

This post isn’t about physical bookshelves, but Goodreads ones.

I have been playing around with how to work my shelves for the several years I have been using the site. Here is how things stand currently.


I am aware that this is VERY tame by book blogger standards). I am also aware that not all books on my physical bookshelves are included on Goodreads. I have learned that I use this more as a record of what I have read, rather than a plan of what I am going to read (although I am trying to address that).

Exclusive Shelves

abandoned and paused (the fact you can’t use capitals on shelves you create does annoy me) are the exclusive shelves I have created myself. Typically a book is either on the Read, Currently Reading or Want to Read shelves. It can also be on other shelves, but it has to be on one of those main three unless you create your own exclusive one(s).

Why ‘Pause’ Reading?

Sometimes I am enjoying a book, but my enthusiasm for it fades. Perhaps there is a bit of a rubbish chapter. Perhaps there is a bit that I know just needs pushing through because overall I am keen to see where the story goes. Perhaps I have just read too many of the series already.

When this happens I pause the book. I have every intention of going back to it, but in the meantime I am going to give something else a try. Otherwise I have found I tend to stop reading thanks to the pressure of thinking I must finish the story before I can move on.

When it becomes clear that a book has been paused for too long, it moves the the abandoned shelf. It is incredibly rare for this to happen, but it does. I’m looking at you ‘Death Cure’.

The ‘Others’

I have started shelving my reads by year, and by reading challenge as well. I have found that I am returning to these shelves so clearly they were a good idea :). I don’t really re-visit the genre/age groups shelves so I might do away with those down the line. I think I will keep the shelves that show the format I ‘read’ in though. That is something I would like to be able to easily look back on.

What about you? How do you organise your shelves on Goodreads? Maybe we could become Goodreads buddies to share ideas?


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